Meet the founders of

The St. Louis Pilates Lab


Yang and yin, Susan and Kristen are Pilates soul sisters, bringing you the best Pilates studio that St. Louis has ever seen. 

Susan and Kristen first locked eyes across a crowded Pilates studio in late summer of 2012. Kristen had recently moved to St. Louis from Chicago and was interviewing at the studio where Susan was teaching. In the middle of explaining to her client how to make homemade kombucha, Susan looked up and saw a smiley blond bouncing across the studio in a green and white striped dress. The rest, as they say, is fate.


For the next 8 years, Kristen and Susan would lunch or cocktail or coffee around St. Louis and see places for lease and exclaim, "This would be a great place for a studio!" They would talk about their imagined book, their blog, or their podcast that would put St. Louis on the Pilates map.


Grand ideas were shared over gooey butter cake and walks in the park. Stories were shared during short spine! But they never got to those things, because while others were talking and writing and sharing their knowledge, Susan and Kristen were grinding: teaching and learning and putting in hours with their mentors.