Pricing and Services

New Client Special

New to The Pilates Lab? We’ll help you get started with three private lessons for only $199.

These lessons allow us to assess how your body moves, create a personalized program that’s right for you to progress in your practice, and then grow your obsession with Pilates.

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You pay only for your workouts. There are no membership fees, dues, or any other recurring charges.

Cancellation Policy
The Pilates Lab requires twenty-four hour notice to cancel or reschedule a booking (any appointment or class). You must provide notice at least twenty-four hours before your appointment in order to avoid paying for that booking.

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All prices listed are per person.
For details and questions, get in touch.

Private Pilates

Enjoy personalized Private Pilates instruction from an expert instructor using the full array of apparatus. Privates are a great introduction to Pilates and the best way for our teachers to learn about your fitness needs and goals.

Semi-Private Pilates (3-4 people)

Workout in groups of three to four individuals, under the direction of an experienced teacher. Semi-Privates safely take advantage of the full display of Pilates apparatus while also incorporating the Pilates Matwork. You can workout with a friend or let us find you a good match!

Joe’s Gym Classes

1. Meet with one of our instructors one-on-one for an hour to discuss goals and do an assessment.

2. Your instructor will design a program specifically written for you: all the exercises, apparatus settings, and transitions. Every exercise will be written with YOUR personal goals in mind. 

3. You meet with your instructor privately and run through your program. It might be one session, it might be multiple sessions. Whatever it takes for you to feel confident. 

4. When you’re ready, you come to The Pilates Lab during designated Joe’s Gym hours and work through your program with a maximum of three other independent practitioners and an instructor who’s there to supervise, answer questions, and help. 

Private Session Pricing

Lead Private

Single Private Lesson: $115
4 lessons: $442
8 lessons: $808

Senior Private

Single Private Lesson: $105
4 lessons: $382
8 lessons: $742

Resident Private

Single Private Lesson: $95
4 lessons: $342
8 lessons: $662

Group Session Pricing

Lead Duet

Single Duet Lesson: $70
4 lessons: $259
8 lessons: $528

Senior Duet

Single Duet Lesson: $67.50
4 lessons: $253
8 lessons: $498

Resident Duet

Single Duet Lesson: $65
4 lessons: $247
8 lessons: $484


3-4 people
Single Semi: $45
4 semis: $160
8 semis: $320

Joe’s Gym Classes

Pay As You Go: $45
2x per Week: $84
3x per Week: $120
Unlimited Weekly: $160