MeJo Wiggin

January 31 – February 2, 2025
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June 5 – June 8, 2025
August 21 – August 24, 2025

Classical Syllabus

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MeJo Wiggin

MeJo began her study of Pilates with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in 1990. She was fortunate to study with many renowned teachers including Sari Mejia Santo, Kathy Grant, Edwina Fontaine, Jay Grimes, and Bob Liekens. In 1995 MeJo started teaching next to Romana at Drago’s Gym in NYC. She was certified in 1996, and was later handpicked, groomed, and certified by Romana in 2003 as a Level III Teacher Trainer for Romana’s Pilates®. Since then, she has been sought after for her captivating seminars throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Russia, South America, and China.

MeJo was an integral part of the onset of Romana’s Pilates Teacher Training Program in NYC. She trained students to become apprentices and administered their practical exams throughout their certification. In addition, she taught seminars to both the apprentices and CE for the certified teachers in Romana’s Pilates® Continuing Professional Education Program. 

She is still recognized as one of the leading practitioners in the world. Romana often referred to her as, “Poetry in Motion”, and awarded MeJo with a Gold Card in 2002 for her advanced abilities.  

She is featured in over five DVD’s, including the Romana’s Pilates Mat Series; Romana on Pilates: The Legacy Edition; and Pilates Revealed with Jay Grimes. She produced her own videos: 20 Minutes Twice a Weekand The Gratz Arm Chair,the first video to demonstrate Joe’s original Arm Chair apparatus. She is a featured teacher for Pilatesology and Pilates Anytime;has appeared on national television; and has been written up in numerous publications for her expertise in Classical Pilates.   

MeJo opened the first fully equipped Pilates studio in Greenwich, CT in 1996. Her keen eye and skillful hands-on approach has changed hundreds of bodies. Her students have included celebrities (Bryce Dallas Howard, Liza Minnelli, Michelle Pfeiffer) professional athletes and dance companies (Paul Taylor Dance Company, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Cortez and Company Contemporary Ballet) and her longstanding client and friend, supermodel Stephanie Seymour

MeJo is also known for applying theMethod to help students suffering from various injuries, scoliosis, back pain, and many other conditions. With great success, she quickly gained recognition from doctors at the renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in NY and they continue to refer their patients to her for rehabilitation both pre and post surgery.

Today, MeJo is a strong advocate and example of the Classical Pilates Method. She created The Classical Syllabus® Continuing Ed series in 2013 to help teachers from all back rounds to understand and apply the true benefits of the Classical Pilates Method.

Classical Syllabus® Part I
June 5 – June 8, 2025  

Classical Syllabus® Part II
August 21 – August 24, 2025

Classical Pilates is more than a repertoire of exercises. It is a unique exercise system
that combines the mind and body under the guidance of a teacher who has knowledge,
skill, and intuition in order to bring one’s body into better balance. The best Pilates
instructors not only have these qualities, but they teach organically with a discerning eye; their hands for proper spotting and placement; and succinct verbal cueing to teach a system that is tailored to individual needs.

With over twenty five years of experience, MeJo has created The Classical Syllabus®
seminar series, for instructors looking to go beyond their certification. It is for teachers
who have already completed a 600+ hour Comprehensive Certification Program, yet
looking for a deeper understanding of the Classical Method and how to apply it to real

Its purpose is to enhance and sharpen teaching skills by clarifying the exercises and
methodology of teaching it; to learn how to assess a student’s body by spotting their
imbalances, strengths and weaknesses; and most important to learn how to apply the
Method by creating an individualized system that will most benefit any individual’s body.

Teaching at her own studio and overseeing up to 400 private lessons a week, (with
Romana as her personal mentor) MeJo gained experience in applying the Method to
various populations, including: professional athletes, those suffering with chronic back
pain, amputees, Parkinson’s disease, knee injuries, scoliosis, and many other ailments.

In this unique series, MeJo will share her years of study with several first generation
instructors including Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santos, Kathy Grant, Edwina
Fontaine, and Jay Grimes. She will provide valuable training from her years of study with Romana, her personal experience teaching the Method to various populations, and her experience as a Teacher Trainer in Romana’s Pilates® Teacher Training Program.

During this workshop, we will dive into traditional Pilates and some not so traditional vocabulary on the Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel and Baby Barrel.

We will look at how their shapes round out the linear exercises in Pilates and give us access to the body in ways that other pieces of equipment cannot.

In equipment sessions, the barrels can be a short addendum to a workout, but, after this workshop, you will see how an entire workout can be done on a barrel and even be improved as a result. We will explore the barrels’ unique shapes and demonstrate how it can be utilized to challenge and align the spine for a variety of students. 

Each Seminar Will:

  • Review the details of specific exercises giving you a better understanding of
    their goals and progressions
  • Explain the reasons why we would modify or vary an exercise for an individual
  • Teach you how to assess an individual’s body; spotting their strengths,
    weaknesses, misalignments, and imbalances; and how to correct it
  • Review basic principles of movement and teaching, that Joe intended for his
  • Teach you effective spotting and cueing, unique to the Classical Method that can
    be tailored to individuals needs
  • Teach you how to select specific exercises, and create a system that will most
    benefit your student
  • Review the distinct Gratz™ apparatus and explain why it is such an integral part
    of the Classical Pilates Method


To register or for more information, please email [email protected]