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Pilates Class

The Pilates Lab

We build better bodies. 

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The Lab Experience

At The Pilates Lab, we build better bodies -- a goal that keeps us all motivated and humble.


We believe in Pilates for every age and every stage. We believe in the Hundred at age 100. We believe in Pilates before, during, and after pregnancy. We believe in Pilates for injury, pain management, and rehabilitation. We believe Pilates is a WORKOUT!

We have a place for you at The Lab. We welcome all people, regardless of background, identity, origin, or ability. We will stand up for you while helping you stand taller. 


We teach the Pilates method in our gorgeous, thoughtfully-appointed studio at 100 Above the Park. Our studio is outfitted with Gratz Pilates apparatus, all of which are based on Joseph Pilates' original designs. Simply put, it is the most effective equipment on the market. 


We believe in St. Louis: our home and the city we love. We are here to bring the best Pilates in the city to its people, neighbors, and visitors. We can't wait to see you at The Lab. 

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