Tess Losada

A third generation Pilates teacher, Tess’ priority is to help her clients find freedom in movement through hard work in the Pilates studio. Her clients get sweaty all while fine-tuning their form and discovering new movement possibilities. Clients say that Tess’ teaching is concise, specific, and intense – but always delivered with a kind smile. Tess is dedicated to teaching Pilates the way that Joseph Pilates intended; as a practice for not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. In a lesson with Tess, you’ll be challenged to make deeper connections both physically and mentally. 

Tess’ first Pilates experience was a mat Pilates class while she was training as a dance major at Illinois State University. As an athletic dancer, aerial circus performer, and musician, Tess was used to winging her way through physical challenges with ease. After a humbling experience with the Roll-Up exercise, she was hooked. Tess went on to complete her Mat and Reformer certifications through Balanced Body.  After teaching Pilates for a few years, Tess was hungry for more rigor, athleticism, and strength in both her teaching and her personal Pilates workouts. She found the answers she was looking for in Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates NYC teacher training program, and graduated from the 650 hour certification in 2018.

Outside of the Pilates studio Tess has always worked in movement, as a physical therapy technician, professional dancer and dance teacher.  With the rigorous mindset of a dancer, Tess makes it her priority to always be progressing her own Pilates practice as well as her clients’. She has continued to train with teachers from Real Pilates NYC, as well as classical Pilates leaders throughout the world. Since 2011, Tess has had the immense honor to share the Pilates method with a large range of people including veterans, professional athletes, people with cancer, pregnant and postpartum mothers, professional dancers, circus performers, people recovering post-surgery, runners, bodybuilders, people with connective tissue disorders, boxers, musicians, people on the autism spectrum, weight-lifters, and many more.