Susan Bange

Susan Bange has been teaching Pilates full-time in St. Louis since 2010 and holds two Classical Pilates certifications. She is a graduate of Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates Teacher Training program in New York City, and is an Advanced graduate of the 950-hour Teacher Training program with The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO. She has been fortunate enough to study with many renowned second-generation teachers, including her current mentors Alycea Ungaro and Mejo Wiggin, and is currently completing Mejo Wiggin’s The Classical Syllabus®.

A third-generation Pilates teacher, Susan feels immense responsibility to carry on the Classical Pilates method to future students, while maintaining the “zest and pleasure” prescribed by Joseph Pilates. She believes that Pilates should enable you to carry on moving however you like, which has led her down movement paths ranging from triathlons to flying trapeze. After a back injury in 2021, Susan was told she would be a candidate for spinal fusion, but through a thoughtful approach and application of Classical Pilates, Susan returned to all prior movement with no lingering back pain or restrictions.

Susan is sought after for her keen eye and precise cueing that has changed hundreds of bodies. She has worked with various populations including professional athletes, circus performers, cyclists, triathletes, those suffering with chronic back pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, nerve damage, amputees and many other ailments. While she has worked with a variety of clients, Susan’s true love is teaching and mentoring future generations of teachers, which led her to start St. Louis’s Real Pilates Teacher Training™ program. Along with her business partner, Kristen Davis, Susan is a trusted host and partner of Alycea Ungaro and Real Pilates NYC, and together she and Kristen oversee and mentor the future generation of Classical Pilates teachers.

Susan has had the pleasure to train with some of the most respected and sought-after Pilates instructors in the industry. Her dedication to learning from those with a direct lineage to Joseph Pilates keeps her current, educated and just as passionate for classical Pilates as ever. Her mission is to educate Pilates instructors on the work and legacy of Joseph Pilates.