Clari Bowman

Clari first discovered the Pilates method while attending Indiana University. A collegiate cheerleader and running enthusiast, she was seeking a way to cross-train that would help her relieve joint pain and recover from long hours in the gym. Clari was immediately fascinated with the way Pilates helped her to connect her mind and body, making all her daily requirements easier. She continued to practice Pilates and learn about the method all the way through her first pregnancy in 2019.

After her daughter was born, Clari decided she wanted to dig deeper into the Pilates method. She completed a Classical Mat certification through Power Pilates in 2020 and continued to complete a 600 hour comprehensive certification program immediately following. Clari is currently completing her second comprehensive certification program with Alycea Ungaro at The Real Pilates NYC.

Previously a collegiate athlete and competitive cheerleading coach, Clari is accustomed to developing physical and mental goals and helping those around her to set and achieve their own goals. Clari believes that your body is more capable than you believe it is. It is her passion and most vital goal to help her students disconnect from their mental limitations and prove their true potential and power to themselves.