what to expect 

how to be prepared for a class or lesson at The St. Louis Pilates Lab

Parking - Though sessions are 55 minutes, get free two-hour parking in the controlled access garage. We will validate your parking ticket.
[See below for specifics]

Wear - Comfortable clothes but nothing too baggy or slim-fitting - think clothing you can sit, stand, and lie down in. Come prepared with non-slip socks or plan to work out barefoot.

Bring - a water bottle. It's important to stay hydrated. We have a bottle-filling station to make things easy!

Why the pilates lab?

Handmade Gratz Pilates equipment - the best in the industry -built to Joseph Pilates' specifications.

We have an energy that people are attracted to. We know what the dreams are. We're excited to do the work that we do.

Our instructors are third-generation Pilates instructors who've studied with mentors with a direct connection to Joseph Pilates.

We are pain experts. Whatever is stopping you from moving pain-free, we'll fix it. Feel yourself getting stronger, faster, with consistent workouts at convenient times.

Our class options are designed to provide proven

results with regular classes and lessons from the city's top instructors.

Our beautiful space with floor to ceiling 20-foot windows in the most luxurious (and coolest) building in St. Louis.

More on Free Parking in the One Hundred Above the Park Parking Garage:


*Enter on the south side of the 100 on West Pine. 

Pull up to the garage doors. If closed, they will open automatically. 


Wave your hand at the gate to receive a ticket from the machine. You may park anywhere, but the elevators to ground level are on the second and third floors of the garage. When you exit your vehicle, be sure to take your ticket with you. 


Follow the signs down to ground level and into our studio. Present your ticket to your teacher and she will validate it for you. You will need your ticket for entry back into the garage. Upon leaving the garage, you will scan your validated ticket. After two hours, long-term parking guests will pay the daily rate.