5 Signs of a Great Pilates Studio

Updated: May 21, 2021

What makes a Pilates studio a great Pilates Studio? The instructors, the class sizes, the equipment, and the space itself are all important things to consider when looking for the best Pilates studio to suit your needs.

Here are signs you’re about to join a reputable Pilates Studio:

  1. Instructor Education Instructor education is the number one thing to search for when joining a great Pilates studio. Only work with teachers that have graduated from 450+ hour Pilates certification programs. Bonus points if you can trace their Pilates training back to the man himself, Joseph Pilates. Look for studios and instructors that are “third-generation” teachers and you can bet you’re in a fantastic Pilates studio. Stay away from teachers and studios who don’t list their instructor bios and specific information on where they went to school and how many hours they completed.

  2. Small Class Sizes and Private Lessons The best Pilates studios will offer small class sizes in addition to private sessions. Being the best pilates studio means instructors will use their voices, their hands, detailed instruction and give you individual attention. Studios should keep their class sizes to 4-6 people, so that you get the attention you need to move safely and effectively. Many studios will have classes of 8-10 people, and there is no way one instructor, no matter how talented they are, can give you the attention you need.

  3. Equipment Equipment is important when choosing the best Pilates studio. The best Pilates studios will have classical equipment, such as Gratz. Gratz Industries has been involved in the Pilates game longer than any manufacturer that makes equipment. They hand make all of their apparatus with the same dimension, weights, resistance, and feel of Joseph Pilates original designs. Many contemporary studios use equipment that has been dramatically changed from Joseph Pilates original designs, and their clients suffer as a result. People that work on Gratz apparatus feel a deeper connection to their muscles, are more engaged in their core, and have much, much stronger bodies than those working on contemporary apparatus.

  4. Variety of Apparatus There are dozens of pieces of equipment in a classical Pilates studio. To mention a few: reformer, wunda chair, tower, cadillac, guillotine, pedi pole, small arm chair, electric chair, and the list goes on. Many studios only have 2-3 types of equipment and you can’t expect to get stronger with such limited apparatus. The best Pilates studios will have a variety of equipment to help you move and get stronger. Don’t settle for a studio that only has reformer pilates.

  5. The Space When you visit a Pilates studio, the space and the vibe should feel good to you. You should feel inspired just by being there! High ceilings are a must, as many exercises require it. The space should be clean with lots of light. The best Pilates studios will schedule by appointment only, which ensures the teacher's attention stays on you. They won’t walk away from a lesson to answer the phone or help someone at the front door.

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