Rachel Garavaglia

Rachel Gravaglia

Rachel was first introduced to Pilates by a friend for a girl’s night out. She couldn’t believe it when the class was over. She had worked muscles she didn’t know existed and felt focused and energized. As she continued to practice, both her obsession and interest grew. Rachel ultimately decided the best way to learn more was to learn the entire program and become a teacher. In 2009, Rachel enrolled in the 475-hour training program through Balanced Body and earned her certification in 2010. Rachel’s training followed a contemporary approach to the Pilates Method outlined by Joseph Pilates.

Over the years of practicing, attending continuing education programs, observing, and being a forever student, Rachel found her method and style of teaching that is right for her. Staying true to the traditional method of Pilates while adapting to the needs of her clients. True to her love of learning, Rachel is currently enrolled in the Real Pilates Teacher Training program for a second certification.

Rachel is a high school math teacher, but finds joy in teaching people to work with their individual bodies just as rewarding. Pilates has always served her as a means to not only be stronger, but a time to simultaneously find an internal and external body focus. It is this concentration and focus that keeps Pilates a challenge both mentally and physically. Pilates offers room to grow and become stronger in so many ways. It is this passion for the process Rachel enjoys sharing the most.